FinOps Cloud Policies & Governance


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FinOps Cloud Policies & Governance

Updated 30 Jan 2024


In the dynamic world of cloud computing, the interplay between FinOps, policies, and governance has emerged as a cornerstone for organizational success. At Ostride Labs, we’re ensuring our clients and readers are well-equipped to navigate the ever-evolving cloud landscape. 

1. The Essence of FinOps in Cloud Management

FinOps (Financial Operations) is a transformative approach combining financial, operational, and engineering disciplines. It’s more than a mere methodology; it’s a cultural shift that aligns business objectives with cloud investments. Companies employing FinOps witness reduced cloud waste, particularly when key business leaders engage from the onset. However, the journey is not without challenges, as most companies still grapple with realizing FinOps’ full potential. 

2. Policy and Governance: The Pillars of Cloud FinOps 

Policy acts as a comprehensive guideline shaping how cloud resources should be utilized and managed. They ensure efficient and cost-effective use of cloud services, aligning with the organization’s broader objectives and compliance standards.

Governance, on the other hand, involves the processes and controls to enforce these policies. It’s about setting up clear accountability, roles, and responsibilities to ensure policy is not just theoretical but actively practiced. Effective governance is key to maintaining balance in cloud usage, managing costs, and aligning strategies with business outcomes. It involves regular monitoring, risk management, and updates to adapt to changing needs and regulations.

Together, Policy and Governance in Cloud FinOps provide a structured approach to managing cloud resources, essential for harnessing the full potential of cloud technology in alignment with strategic business goals. 

3. Maturity Levels in Cloud Policy and Governance

Organizations typically progress through three maturity stages in their Cloud Policy and Governance journey:

Crawl: Initial phase focusing on risk mitigation and basic usage optimization.

Walk: Broader, standardized governance measures and cross-functional collaboration.

Run: Comprehensive policies integrated with overall business strategy.

4. Best Practices and Strategies

To successfully implement FinOps Cloud Policy and Governance, consider the following:

Foundation Building: Establish a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) to guide cloud strategy and governance.

Stakeholder Engagement: Ensure active participation from all relevant parties across the organization.

Real-time Feedback and Collaboration: Utilize real-time data for efficient cloud management and foster effective team collaboration.

Skill Set Enhancement: Diversify the capabilities of FinOps teams to include predictive analytics and strategic insights.

5. The Role of Automation and Tools

Automation and specialized tools are integral in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of Cloud FinOps. They streamline operations by automating tasks such as resource scaling, cost tracking, and policy enforcement. For example, cloud cost management tools provide real-time insights into resource utilization and spending, enabling quick identification of cost-saving opportunities and optimization of resource use. This automation extends beyond cost control to encompass areas like compliance, where tools can apply predefined rules to ensure operations adhere to governance policies.

These tools vary in functionality, catering to different aspects of cloud management. For example, Azure Policy provides governance capabilities specifically for Azure, automating compliance assessments and enforcing organizational standards. 

6. Future Directions

As technologies evolve, so too must the practices of FinOps and policies. The future will likely see greater integration of advanced analytics and analytics management, AI, and automation in cloud management, making systems more efficient and adaptive. This evolution will necessitate a shift in governance models to be more agile and responsive to rapid technological and regulatory changes.

Moreover, the importance of continuous learning and workforce upskilling will become paramount. Organizations will need to focus on developing a team skilled not just in technology, but also in adaptability and strategic thinking. The interplay between technology and strategy will be critical, with a greater emphasis on predictive analytics and proactive management. This evolving landscape underscores the need for businesses to remain flexible and forward-thinking to harness the full potential of cloud technologies.


It’s important to emphasize the transformative power of Cloud FinOps, policies, and governance. They are not merely about maintaining order or meeting compliance standards; they represent a strategic pivot towards a more efficient, agile, and financially savvy organization. By effectively marrying these elements with their strategy, business can unlock new levels of optimization and innovation. They can transform their infrastructure from a cost center into a dynamic asset that drives growth and supports long-term strategic objectives.

Moreover, in an era where technology and business landscapes are continuously evolving, the role of FinOps becomes increasingly central. It helps companies not only to adapt to change but also to anticipate and shape it. This proactive approach is key to maintaining competitiveness and achieving sustained business value from cloud investments. As experts in this field, we are at Ostride Labs offer not just solutions and management but also strategic guidance, helping clients navigate these complex waters with confidence and foresight. We are committed to partnering with businesses at every step of their journey, ensuring they are well-equipped to harness the full potential of cloud technologies for enduring success.



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