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Cloud migration

Move your data, applications, and other business systems to the cloud with a team of cloud migration experts

  • Simplify and modernise your IT infrastructure
  • Deploy new versions and major updates for your product faster
  • Leverage cutting edge cloud technology like optical character recognition (OCR), eKYC, machine learning, and more
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Deploy and run distributed applications without needing to maintain dedicated hardware

  • Get access to seamless on-demand scalability of your platform by using containerized packages with your software
  • Take advantage of Kubernetes and Docker to save valuable development time and keep your product evolving
  • Increase consistency and portability of your IT infrastructure
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Save time, money, and eliminate manual tasks by integrating the latest automation solutions

  • Automate your releases and expedite feature releases according to your schedule
  • Free up your engineers from devops work. Deliver new features to your clients faster
  • Remove human error from the equation by automating manual processes
  • Free up your teams to work on high-priority projects while automation handles the rest
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Ensure company and client data is protected at the infrastructure level by addressing potential external and internal threats

  • Implement role-based controls and need-to-know principles in the cloud
  • Minimize risk with automated penetration testing and run-time monitoring in the cloud
  • Follow the latest regulatory compliance requirements for GDPR, HIPAA, KYC, and more by leveraging the latest cloud configurations and tools
  • Stay up to date with regular code scans and vulnerability reports
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Our Cases


Personal Credit Management

German financial services company overcoming a major customer pain point

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Transactional Video Platform

Development of a secured video-based e-commerce system

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German EdTech leader

Full scale system migration for a German provider of network traffic filtering

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