The Challenges

The main challenge was identifying the working combination of the platform’s technical expediency with UI/UX for a very specific group of users (teachers) who have a very particular way of thinking and expectations when it comes to working with custom software in the scope of their daily job. Additionally, a special approach for caching and data availability was required to ensure 99% availability of the content when presenting to an audience.

The Solution

The team has suggested a serverless architecture for the project with most functions running on-demand in AWS infrastructure. This approach, along with a thick web client and stateful session interactions, allowed for guaranteed content availability when in class as well as for extremely flexible and user-friendly workflows demanded by test users. The additional scope came from the compliance side - data processing in transfer and at rest, as well as the personal data collection and encryption were essential priorities of the overall devops scope of the project.

The Outcomes

An incremental delivery process was established from the second week of development, with test releases issued to stakeholder groups 3 times per week. The first production version of the platform was released after 4 months, with an automated onboarding of over two thousand users who had already signed up for the platform by then.

About the Client

The client is a US startup focused on hybrid and onsite EdTech solutions for colleges and universities. A planned SaaS solution should have served as a self-service set of tools for lectures to prepare content and give lectures or keynotes to students.

Project Specs


functional analyst /
project manager


UI/UX designer




devops engineer


automation QA engineer


months to make the first live release

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