The Challenges

The company was looking to enhance it’s existing line of services by creating a solution that could improve service efficiency and offer a better customer experience. But they needed to create this new service over a short 6-week period.

The Solution

Ostride Labs turned to the Agile Scrum development methodology and VM based infrastructure approach to build the application in just 6 weeks. The credit score app used the most popular coding frameworks, including Javascript, CSS, and Java to upgrade serialization, develop REST services, security, and testing.

The Outcomes

As the result, software development project has been launched for three months. Project goal was to introduce cart functionality inside the video block, so that the viewers could put exact goods into the cart while watching the video.


“In our collaboration with Ostride, we have been lucky to launch a brand new product in our lineup: Score Kompass. This web application was delivered in just 6-weeks prior to the Christmas period, giving us enough time to prepare and conduct timely advertising campaigns. We have experienced a growth in traffic to our products which we had somewhat underestimated initially.

We hope to work with the Ostride team on new projects now, as it was a valuable partnership.”

Eric about Ostride Labs

Smava GmbH

  • Eric Salbert,
    Senior Product Manager

About the Client

The client is a German-based financial services provider that offers a variety of loan programs, financial advice, and other related services to help consumers find the best loans available to them on the market.

Project Specs


functional analyst
/project manager


business analyst


software engineers


devops engineer

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