The Challenges

The main goal of the project was to identify the right technology stack and UI/UX approach to achieve the required production quality for a proof-of-concept prototype of a mobile app that is focused on self improvement for a wide range of users.
An additional goal was to design, build and release a web platform for practitioners to help with the neurocognitive training process.

The Solution

The comprehensive, front-to-back scope of work was efficiently executed in-line with the project goals. For the mobile app perspective, the Ostride team did the following:

  • improved the UX to grow conversion and ensure intuative interaction for new users
  • integrated a subscription engine with configurable trials and free/paid exercise approach
  • productionalized the infrastructure (serverless backend)
  • Integrated video guidelines, animated manuals and voice-over exercises into the app
  • introduced personalization and mentorship frameworks

For the web platform, the team’s efforts resulted in:

  • A full scale framework for practitioners and clinicians to provide guidance and observe patient results, designed and built in close collaboration with stakeholders
  • integrated web-based subscription approach with a tariff-based pricing backed by Stripe
  • live chat, automated support and more features
  • cost-effective infrastructure for the serverless backend
  • automated backups of data and implemented compliance requirements for two regions

The Outcomes

A fully productionalized cross platform mobile app has been released on both the Apple AppStore and Google PlayStore.
A full scale web platform for practitioners (subscription based) has been released accordingly following a classic cycle of agile development with iteration-based product increments.
Both mobile apps and web platform continue to evolve while being promoted on social media and corresponding publications.
The overall implemented approach to neurocognitive training has since been assessed and reviewed by several universities and profile institutions globally - with experts evaluating the approach based on the tooling built by the Ostride team.


“Trust and transparency are the key qualities we look for in our partners – this is where we start. We have been working with the Ostride team for over a year now and are very satisfied with the results. The team took over all stability, availability and cloud-related matters altogether, and they now work like clockwork.”



  • Dr. Stephen Wolfson, Founder

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