Ostride Labs Case - Cloud Migration for a German EdTech leader
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Cloud Migration for a German EdTech leader

Migration of Systems for a German provider of network traffic filtering and Identity Management solutions for the Education sector in the cloud


The Challenges

Our client was struggling with the loss of information during the exchange of data between existing digital systems as well as high maintenance on process automation costs. In combination with the high complexity of the technological landscape and lack of clear vision of the latest technology and methodology advances a need for consulting services of the management team has been identified.


The Solution

OSTD Labs facilitated a series of joint workshops as well as evaluation of the current state of the systems and learning sessions for the team. A specification and a plan have been conducted with a breakdown into milestones and measurable results to perform a migration of existing systems in the cloud and provide first steps guidance for further work in DevOps area.


The Outcomes

Within 2 Months a roadmap and common understanding of a strategy were established and signed off by the client's management team. Initial migration of existing tools in the cloud was also performed, which was an enabler to build up and broaden the existing offering of the company as well as allow the automation of back-office and support processes.

About the Client

Our client is a leader in the areas of identity management and traffic filtering for the educational sector. With a small development team on board and extensive base of client across all German states, they provide full product development and support cycles in-house.

Project Specs


technical consultant


workshops with the management team


learning sessions with the team


migration of all atlassian products to the cloud

Our Services


Cloud migration

Move your data, applications or other business elements to a cloud computing environment to be always fast and running



Deploy and run distributed applications without launching an entire virtual machine (VM)



Reduce manual efforts of repetitive actions in the cloud. Automate most of the routine tasks



Ensure company and client data is protected at the infrastructure level by addressing potential external and internal threats

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