The Challenges

The Ostride team was asked to migrate an existing and long-running fintech platform to the new infrastructure in AWS. The main challenge came from the need to modernize certain parts of the product while migrating to ensure the required level of security and performance.
Additionally, the modern standard of the release cycle process, as well as environment management, needed to be ensured.

The Solution

The team has planned and implemented the below scope of work:

  • provisioning of the new environments in the pVPN space of the public cloud - implemented in the IaaC approach with all provisioning configuration written in Terraform
  • build process fully upgraded with packaging migrated from Debian to Docker
  • CI/CD introduction and launch (including automated releases and blue-green deployment schema)
  • complete data migration for both test and production datasets
  • monitoring and automated backups introduced within the scope of the revised DR plan
  • all existing external integrations have been migrated to the new network space, which included communications and testing with third-party teams
  • backup-restore rehearsal in scope of full DR test
  • the migration was accompanied by the runbooks for the support team

The Outcomes

The successful migration ensured the modern and stable state of the platform for years to come. Many security and performance vulnerabilities have been addressed in scope of migration, and the client was able to save costs by decommissioning the dedicated servers that were in use for nearly a decade.


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