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Why do businesses go to the cloud, and what do they find there?

Business Updated Feb 15 Kirill Yarkov, Managing Partner, Co-Founder

If you are running a business where IT plays a large part in revenue generation (e.g., you deliver your product to clients via a SaaS model), cloud infrastructure is the best way to go.

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The Top 10 Skills Needed for a Successful Career and How to Develop Them

Culture Updated Feb 08 Hamish Lister, Senior Content Manager

Soft skills are so respected in the workplace because they help stimulate human connections and ensure everyone works together as efficiently as possible. Recruiters do look out for this during the hiring process and select candidates with high teamwork, collaboration, problem-solving, and critical thinking abilities. 

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Configuring and scaling data platforms when doing cloud native application development

Industry & Technologies Updated Jan 25 Hamish Lister, Senior Content Manager

Faced with immense and ever-growing amounts of data being generated at quicker and quicker rates, software developers need to pay particular attention to the scalability of their data platforms and applications.

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Top 10 DevOps Things to Be Grateful for in 2022

Culture Updated Jan 20 Hamish Lister, Senior Content Manager

This cultural shift in collaboration and working practices has accelerated software development and deployment dramatically, allowing organizations to deliver high-quality services and applications at a faster rate to better serve their customers and surpass their competition.

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Why good devops still exists in 2022 and how it influences your business

Business Updated Jan 18 Kirill Yarkov, Managing Partner, Co-Founder

So why are devops needed (and are they really?) since it can almost always be semi-covered by a regular engineer’s efforts?

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