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Artificial Intelligence

Updated 29 Jul 2021


Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the main drivers of the cloud market. Its influence is being viewed everywhere, from physical environments like logistics warehouses and manufacturing to online environments like cloud storage.


Many cloud providers are investing in AI research and development to lead the market. Some areas of interest are optical character recognition and face detection software, which will increase productivity in communications, both personal and interpersonal.


AI can benefit any business. If you have a task that can be solved by a human worker involving repetitive computation and increased complexity, it is solvable by implementing AI.


This article will dive into some common solutions AI companies are seeking to solve, how AI works, and how your business will be positively impacted by such changes.

Winning the AI Battle

The cloud provides the perfect environment for technology companies to leverage large amounts of data and hosting space to solve complex computational problems. Given the importance of AI in practically every industry, like the following ones:


  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Healthcare
  • Space exploration
  • Education


It’s no secret the biggest companies are working relentlessly to win the AI battle, from Amazon’s automated warehouses to Apple’s self-driving cars. AI is a transformative technology that can transform the way we approach many aspects of our lives.


The race to introduce AI solutions in the cloud market has been the most significant and most decisive battle in the IT world over the last 20 years, and its winner could determine the future of IT for decades to come. The situation may seem hyperbolic, but AI is that important and that implementable.


Consider how much Apple changed, and now controls, the style and function of personal devices. Even if a company does not rely on Apple software or compatibility, you can see the “influence” of Apple’s stylistic design in competing smartphone lines.


The Importance of Optical Character Recognition

Optical character recognition (OCR) refers to the act of converting and machine-encoding scanned images of text characters, both hand-written or typed. OCR is a vital technology in many markets, from the digital restoration of rare books to scanning hand-written barcodes for small businesses transitioning to digital interfaces.


Investing in OCR involves more than only purchasing or using OCR technology. Different language formats require other software metrics and benchmarks.


While languages derived from Latin are simple to convert, Semitic languages like Arabic are not. In Arabic, individuals write words in a cursive style, with letters and vowels changing form and shape based on their word placement. Issues also arise based on the writer’s legibility.


Less popular languages will also not receive the funding and support of their more popular counterparts. If you require OCR software for your company, specializing in a lesser-known language, your software options decrease in scope and increase in cost as a result.


OCR is also essential regarding AI solutions because the AI software will have to “learn” over time. Languages change based on:


  • Region
  • Culture
  • Writing Style
  • Slang
  • Context
  • Etc.


Language is not easy to automate. The market leader that successfully implements a language translation and character recognition AI will most likely create the definitive solution for multiple industries.

The Fight to Win Qualitative Face Recognition

While Google leads qualitative face recognition, the market is full of competitors, including big names like Apple and Amazon. Face recognition has many uses for businesses big and small, from using facial features as biological detection markers for secure logins to tracking eye detection when an individual uses a mobile application, and more.


The key to choosing an AI solution that works for you is first to identify your business issue and then develop your business case. Once you have these two issues sorted, you will be in a better position to choose an effective AI solution.


AI face detection helps solve the following issues:

  • Logging into your smartphone
  • Entering secure work areas
  • Determining sickness based on temperature and visible symptoms
  • Catching criminals on public CCTV cameras
  • Etc.


So many industries and business needs are solvable by implementing face detection software.

How AI Solves Common Issues in Computation and Complexity

AI solves issues similar to how a human would, using his or her intelligence. The difference is that AI represents human intelligence as a computer program that can “learn” based on prior feedback and the programmer’s intentions.


For some tasks, AI may run algorithms millions of times over an ever-increasing data set. For other jobs, AI may recognize objects in images in videos, add data annotation to common media types, or compare pictures of your face to determine if you should access your phone.


AI can be implemented onsite or outsourced. It can be a part of an application or its own application. If there is a computational task that a human can accomplish, AI can achieve it in a fraction of the time.

AI Is Changing the Cloud

AI has introduced many significant changes to cloud environments, which impact every business, big and small. AI is making cloud access and usability more affordable and less risky. Here are just a few of the ways it’s doing that:

  • Transforming IT infrastructure needs
  • Improving data mining efficiency
  • Improving data access
  • Automating cloud security
  • Providing companies with global access to stored data


Even if you do not use the cloud much for your business, the increasing efficiencies will allow you to make better business decisions and capture better data analytics. AI is here to stay and is getting better by the day.

Start Your Automation Journey With Ostride Labs

You already know AI is a game-changer in the world of IT. Every business can implement AI to solve complex computational problems at a fraction of the time or workforce. And as AI becomes more common, it becomes more accessible and affordable. It’s not just a solution for market leaders anymore. Competitive solutions are readily available to businesses of all sizes.


Are you interested in exploring how AI and automation can improve the way you run your business? Ostride Labs can help. Get in touch with our team, and we’ll show you how you can unlock your automation potential.



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