Where are you on the journey to cloud-based
digital transformation?

Step by step


You are running your application on premise based dedicated hardware


It works. Why change it?


Infrastructure changes are long, expensive, and risky

Next step?

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Virtual machines

You are running application on premise based virtual machines, using VMware, Citrix, etc


It’s flexible enough and you are in contro


Overdependence on your IT and development staff and vendor lock

Next step?

Pick a cloud provider/package and transition to the cloud

Virtual machines in the cloud

You have migrated application into virtual machines in the cloud


It works. Why change it?


Your engineers spend too much time updating infrastructure, expired certificates, and deployments

Next step?

Transition to containerization

Cloud Containerisation

You have modified application from virtual machines to containerized processes


It’s cheaper, performs better, more scalable, less risky, and flexible with new technology


You need to keep your infrastructure up to date at all times

Next step?

Replace manual tasks with automated jobs

Automatic Cloud System

Transition from manual to automatic provisioning of your cloud systems


You run a micro-services architecture and have complex compliance requirements

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Here's how we can help

Cloud migration

Move your data, applications or other business elements to a cloud computing environment to be always fast and running


Deploy and run distributed applications without launching an entire virtual machine (VM)


Reduce manual efforts of repetitive actions in the cloud. Automate most of the routine tasks


Ensure company and client data is protected at the infrastructure level by addressing potential external and internal threats

How we work

We turn your big ideas and data into cloud-ready solutions

We listen

It all starts with listening and understanding your goals. Every business is unique, so we focus on utilizing our expertise where it is actually needed

We help

Critical goals or risks must be addressed first, and such things do not take long when you know what to do. We start from the most important scope – and we do it fast

We show and automate

The final step involves sharing our expert knowledge, teaching, and automating. We believe transparency and automation make good changes great, and great changes last

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    Here’s what our customers are saying:

    “We prefer to work with experienced professionals and the Ostride team was recommended to us as such. They ensure exceptional quality and take a proactive approach to everything they do. The outcome of our collaboration was exactly what we were looking for, we are very much satisfied – the work goes on!”


    Stu Adam,

    “Over the last few years, the Ostride team has been our DevOps and cloud configuration partner. They’ve proven to be highly experienced, reliable and helped us with numerous tasks, including cost reduction, clarity and predictability of release cycles, data security, compliance and legal-driven data processing requirements.
    Being client-centric at their core, the Ostride team is a pleasure to work with and remains our preferred partner.”

    Fireant Australia

    Maxim Cherepovitsyn,

    “The entire Ostride team is very quick and proactive, communication is just exceptional. This is what we call “delivering a turn-key solution” – we have asked and they have delivered to our exact requirements.”

    Finanzcheck GmbH

    Marc Houben,
    Performance Marketing Manager

    “Trust and transparency are the key qualities we look for in our partners – this is where we start. We have been working with the Ostride team for over a year now and are very satisfied with the results. The team took over all stability, availability and cloud-related matters altogether, and they now work like clockwork.”


    Dr. Stephen Wolfson,

    “We originally engaged Ostride to assist in the development of a mobile application but they have since become a trusted extension of our core team. They now lead the development of our mobile apps and have developed multiple customer facing web applications for us. They are conscientious, highly skilled and produce work of exceptional quality.

    I couldn’t be happier and I look forward to a long and productive partership.”

    Whispli Inc

    Daniel Walker,

    “In our collaboration with Ostride, we have been lucky to launch a brand new product in our lineup: Score Kompass. This web application was delivered in just 6-weeks prior to the Christmas period, giving us enough time to prepare and conduct timely advertising campaigns. We have experienced a growth in traffic to our products which we had somewhat underestimated initially.

    We hope to work with the Ostride team on new projects now, as it was a valuable partnership.”

    Smava GmbH

    Eric Salbert,
    Senior Product Manager

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