Ostride Labs Case - Boosts Sales By 67% owing to Interactive Shopping Experience Ecommerce Platform
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Interactive Shopping Experience Boosts US Sportswear Ecommerce Platform Sales By 67%

Find out how a US ecommerce platform for the sportswear industry managed to integrate a newvideo-based interactive shopping feature to increase its sales by 67%


The Challenges

The company launched a new product line, but early sales totals were trailing behind initial projections. What should have been a successful launch quickly spiralled into a negative outlook for the company.


The Solution

Ostride Labs was initially brought on to assess consumer behaviour data. The assessment determined that while consumers were watching the ad, they were dropping off before converting. Ostride Labs determined that a streamlined shopping experience was needed to engage customers while they interacted with the ads.


The Outcomes

The company saw an impressive 67% increase in sales after implementing the newly developed interactive shopping functionality.


«The idea raised by Ostride Labs’ consulting research, an internet shop feature within the ad video, as well as the readiness to implement it, have brought us to the next level of our sales development roadmap. That was something we struggled with for much of the previous year.

Great job, guys!»



Jason Hilton, CEO

About the Client

The client is a US-based sportswear eCommerce platform that was looking to refocus its eCommerce strategy through an interactive shopping solution that better marketed the popular line of sportswear products it sold

Project Specs


functional analyst /project manager


business analyst


software engineers


devops engineer

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